Novels & Collections

Grimoire of the Four Impostors

Nosetouch Press

September 7, 2021

The Hangman Feeds the Jackal

Nosetouch Press

June 14, 2022

The Promise of Plague Wolves


Short Stories

"Herald of the Red Hen" (2023) in The Fiends in the Furrows III: Final Harvest

"The John Wesley Hardin Rag" (2022) in Guilty Crime Story Magazine Issue Six

"The She-Wolf and Saint Edmund: A Black Death Halloween" (2022)

"Tibet Has a Book of the Dead, Too" (2022)

The Fiends in The Furrows II

"Hour of the Cat's Eye" (2020)

Mystery Weekly Magazine

"A Hazard of the Job" (2020)

Crimson Streets

"Horror of the Cat Bride" (2018) available at Crimson Streets with artwork by Tim Soekkha

The Fiends in the Furrows

"Sire of the Hatchet" (2018)

Broadswords and Blasters Magazine

"Valero Serves a Hungry Grave" (2017)

Wax and Wane

"Wasp Wing" (2016)

Hypnos Digest

"Night of the Rat's Nest" (2016)

The Big Adios Western Digest

"The Trail of King Death" (2014)

Halloween Horrors: Journeys into the Macabre

The Muse